Money Saving Apps: Ibotta by Jerry Thompson

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What is Ibotta? From “Ibotta is a free cash-back rewards web and mobile app that gives you real cash for everyday purchases when you shop. Ibotta provides thousands of ways for consumers to earn cash on their purchases by partnering with more than 2,700 brands and retailers.” I asked my friend about the apps he used, and he sent me sign-up codes. Using his code, he got $10, and $5 was added to my account shortly after signing up. Don’t buy things just for the sake of getting a rebate. Rather look for the stores you usually shop at and see if there are rebates on products you typically buy. You can shop in-store or online. To get paid, you need to submit either e-receipts or take a photo of a store receipt to submit it. I did in-store shopping and submitted paper receipts. I didn’t try to submit a digital receipt. When you find a product, you will see a rebate amount and how many you can buy. For the products I looked at, you could buy up to five products and collect the rebate five times. You can save even more money if the store item is on sale because you can still get the rebate. I often buy my vitamins at Walgreens in Honeoye Falls. The vitamins are often on sale, and the regular price can be expensive. We occasionally purchase Aveeno hand lotion from Walgreens, and I like their daily unscented hand lotion. Both of these types of products had a $1.00-$2.00 rebate.