Lima Considers Changing Large Solar Panel Moratorium

Lima town board discusses potential solar power policy. Deputy Supervisor Cathy Gardner (pictured front left).

The Lima Town Board discusses potential solar power policy. (Photo/Anna Leslie)

LIMA – The Town of Lima is considering changing their moratorium on the construction of large solar panel operations.

Deputy Supervisor Cathy Gardner plans to present information learned at a recent New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERTA) training in Mount Morris to the Town Zoning, Planning and Agriculture Boards for feedback on a change to the moratorium on large solar operations passed last year.

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“They are really trying to encourage municipalities to enable a process for individual installations that is easy and not cumbersome,” said Gardner.

Gardner said that nearly all Livingston County towns were in attendance at the NYSERTA training meeting coordinated by the County Planning Department last month to learn about the state initiative to cultivate green energy.

The Town Board agreed that as Lima moves forward reviewing the policy change over the next few months, the protection of agricultural interests and protected farmland will be a top priority.