Lima Ambulance Salutes Captains Caccamise and Lindsay as They Pass the Torch

LIMA – It was all green at the Lima Ambulance building Mar. 19, but not for Saint Patrick’s Day.

On Sunday, ambulance volunteers, family members and public officials gathered to thank former Rescue Captain Norm Caccamise, and Co-Captain, Donna Lindsay, for their years of service. The celebration was hosted by Lima’s new Rescue Captain, Scott Domuracki, who will work in partnership with new Co-Captain, Michael Finucane.

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“I think what it means to me is to honor the service that these two have given for so long,” said Domuracki. “I mean, they’ve done it for such a long time, and it is such a huge commitment to the community. It’s just, there’s not enough volunteerism today, so it’s kind of our way of saying thank you for what you’ve been for so long.”

Caccamise said that for him, the gathering was a celebration of the entire ambulance team.

“It takes so many people to make it work that I don’t like to be the center of attention,” said Caccamise. “One person can’t do it. Two people can’t do it. It just takes so many people working together sharing responsibilities and it’s nice that people reached out to do this. The tribute is great.”

For Lindsay, working with Caccamise has been a good experience for both her and the team he values so highly.

“It’s been nice working with Norm,” said Caccamise. “He has such great pride for the corps, and it shows to where the support that he has, and so it’s a great organization because of him.”

Nevertheless, both Caccamise and Lindsay are looking forward to handing off their Captain and Co-Captain responsibilities.

“We’re still continuing as EMT’s,” said Lindsay. “We’re just not in the leadership role which is kind of nice.”

“Now we can sit in the back and watch!” Caccamise added.

Domuracki will manage the ambulance corps overall, hosting monthly meetings, making sure all runs smoothly and safely for members at emergency scenes and locating equipment, training and resources members need to do their jobs and work together as a team.

(L-R) Lindsay, Caccamise, Domuracki, and Finucane .(Photo/Anna Leslie)