Judge’s Race Could Change Dansville’s Court Tradition

DANSVILLE – Tuesday’s election could break a long-standing standard practice in Dansville for town judges to also hold office as village justices.

Due to a misinterpretation of election procedure, Village of Dansville’s current justice, Dave Werth, is running a re-election campaign as a write-in. If he wins, court resumes as usual.

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In the event that Werth loses and Republican challenger Scott Kinney wins, Werth would remain in his capacity as Town Justice but not preside over any criminal cases in Village Court.

The Village of Dansville confirmed that at least for the past 30 years and possibly longer, the Town Justices have always also been Village Justices.

Historically, this arrangement has allowed Dansville Town and Village Court to be held in front of either judge who presides over both courts.

Dansville criminal courts handle thousands of cases per year. Justices rule on cases up to the misdemeanor level.

(L-R) Scott Kenney and Dave Werth. (Photos/Facebook)