Hochul Proposes Use of SUNY Dorms for Migrant Asylum Seekers

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A proposal made by Governor Kathy Hochul has many people up in arms, as she is suggesting that asylum seekers being shipped to New York State, mostly to New York City, be allowed to stay in state-owned properties, such as the SUNY campuses. It’s a problem that has arisen as asylum seekers are being shipped by the busload to New York State from the states bordering Mexico, mostly coming from Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s state of Texas, who has made it Texas policy to ship immigrants from his state on the Mexican border, to northern Democratic states by the busload. Hochul has requested federal assistance for housing and an appeal for a change in work authorization rules. Additionally, she’s considering using state-owned properties, such as SUNY campuses, as potential temporary shelters. However, long-term feasibility concerns arise as students are expected to return to campuses by August. Most campuses had deadlines of Friday, May 19, for students to leave their dorm rooms, leaving many vacant, since student population on campuses is far less over the summer. However, international students, visitors and some faculty and staff remain in-residence on campuses during the summers. In addition, summer courses are conducted at every single SUNY campus in the system as well as summer camps and educational programs for children.