Hamstrung Mount Morris ZBA has Just 1 Member in Regular Attendance

(L-R) Mayor Frank Provo, Trustee Guy Brickwood, Trustee Peter Bishop, Trustee Geoff Pagano. (Photo/Conrad Baker)

MOUNT MORRIS – The Village Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) currently has just two members, one of whom is reportedly ill and has not been making regular meetings.

Mayor Frank Provo reported to fellow public officials and the public at Monday night’s Village Board meeting that the ZBA should have five members but no one has stepped up to fill the three open spots in several weeks.

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“We are short three members of the ZBA,” said Provo. “We have advertised now for six weeks and have gotten no one to apply for the ZBA Board.”

The shortage of membership has put at least one high-profile case in limbo: the ZBA review of a boarding house on Damonsville Street, which a code enforcement officer independent from the Village said is not in an area that is zoned for boarding houses. The house’s owners, Ken Mignemi and Joe Zambito, appealed this decision but the ZBA cannot rule on the matter without more members.

Provo explained that the ZBA is ‘where anybody would go for any kind of relief for an issue for the zoning or whatever they need to do.’

“I’m just opening it up to the room, let it out to your friends,” said Provo. “Again, we’re looking for members. I have nobody who’s willing to serve on this board.”

One member of the public at Monday’s Village Board meeting expressed some interest in serving on the ZBA, but no new members have been officially appointed. Anyone interested can contact the Village of Mount Morris at (585)658-4160 or walk in to the village office at 117 Main Street and speak with Village Clerk Lisa Torcello.

Mayor Frank Provo.(Photo/Conrad Baker)