Geneseo Soccer League’s Insurance Causes Problems to Keep Field

GENESEO — The issue of the Jackalopes playing soccer at the Geneseo Central School is labeled as ‘In-Progress.’ An exclusion clause in the Community team’s insurance does not meet the school’s insurance policy. This is the first time that the insurance has excluded ‘player injury’ from their liability.

Several members of the Geneseo Jackalopes Community Soccer team attended the Geneseo School Board meeting on Tuesday, June 6. Both parties are currently looking for a positive solution that benefits everyone involved. Tuesday’s conversation was brief and polite.

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by Deer Run Winery - 11/24/2017

“We have a $1 million, $2 million dollar liability coverage and its the same insurance coverage all the other schools in our league are accepting and have always accepted here,” said Jon DiLaura Head Jackalopes Coach. “So we are asking here for you guys [Geneseo’s Board of Education] to look into what has changed all of the sudden? That we being asked for more and for us it to much, there is no way we could ever afford that.”

Tim Hayes Superintendent said a change by the insurance company is the hold-up.

“What happened this year is when the team submitted their insurance form it was noted that as an exclusion to their insurance they don’t cover players injuries,” said Hayes. “It was noted this year as an exclusion. In past years, it hasn’t been noted.”

DiLaura said that he understands.

“I understand, its a sign of the times, everything you do is dangerous. Sometime you feel like you just want to sit home and not walk out your door or else your at some kind of risk,” said DiLaura. “20 years ago this would of never been a question because no one was suing yet, so I do understand where you guys are coming from.”

Jenn Mehlenbacher, President of the School Board said she doesn’t want the league to lose the field.

“We certainly don’t want you to not use the facilities,” said Mehlenbacher. “This isn’t our way to try and not use our field, we would love to be able to say use our field. We do want the community to use our facilities, to enjoy the field, the thing inside the building. This was really tough. We all feel for this, we feel for you. We really want to be able to do this but we also have to do whats best for the district.”

(Photo/Jake Vattimo)