Fryer Fire Roasts Dansville McDonald’s

DANSVILLE – The McDonald’s at 53 Maple Street will undergo quick but vital repairs after a grease fire got out of hand Monday morning.

According to the Livingston County Office of Emergency Management, the fire started in a deep fryer approximately 8:40 a.m.

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“It burned in the deep fryer for a few minutes, doing smoke damage to the building and product,” said Kevin Niedermaier, Director of Livingston County Emergency Management. “The building was vacated with everyone accounted for.”

Firefighters put the fire out before it could seriously damage the structure.

“The Dansville Fire Department had a great knockdown, a great attack,” said Niedermaier.

Niedermaier added that McDonald’s will likely be shut down for at least 10 days.

“These stores typically turn around repairs quickly,” said Niedermaier. “Structurally, the building is solid. There’s going to be some cleanup and they’ll have to replace the fryer.”

Firefighters with the Dansville Fire Department, Sparta Fire Department and Perkinsville Fire Department were on scene. The Springwater Fire Department filled in at Dansville’s hall.

(Photo/Mike Mozart via