EMAIL TO THE EDITOR: Today is the Day to Vote for Your Favorite Candidate

(Photo courtesy of Don Wester)

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by Bridgett C. Hoag, Empire Realty Group - 11/17/2017

Today has finally come to get out and vote for your favorite candidate. Please come out and vote for those who devote their time and want  to represent your towns and villages. YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER. I thank all the town of Conesus residents for their past support. I ask them for their continued support today.

I am seeking re-election for Conesus Town Board(Councilman). I ask the Conesus Residents to get out and support your favorite Candidate.

  • Born and raised in Conesus
  • Raised my children in Conesus
  • Remained in Conesus my entire life
  • Served on the Zoning Board of Appeals
  • 12 years as a Town Board Member
  • Please vote today I stand for:
  • Listening to the people for the people
  • Good stewardship of Tax Dollars
  • Open government, honesty, integrity, and with conviction.
Donald W. Wester
Town of Conesus Councilman