EMAIL TO THE EDITOR: Neighbor Asks for Comments on Conesus Lake ‘Island’

GENESEO – The following is an email submitted by Robert Morris to the for publication. The attitudes and ideas expressed below should not be interpreted as the opinion of the
During the past eight weeks I have made it a goal to bring to the attention of various governmental bodies “an island” that has been growing in the area where Long Point Creek enters Conesus Lake.
The island is already starting to divert the flow of the creek and has the potential to “back up” the creek.
I have been in contact with: The Town of Geneseo, The CLA, The DEC,
The County Planning Board and The County Health Department. It is a complicated issue–BUT–in my opinion, I have not really seen a concentrated effort by most of the agencies involved to get together and solve the issue ( eradication of the island ).
Some thoughts: The Town of Geneseo states that they have been advised by legal counsel not to get involved in removing the island, because it would involve “working on private property”.
Some questions/comments:
1) IS the island really “on private property”, or is it actually “in the lake”?
2) I have suggested to the town board that maybe a determination could be made by someone ( maybe the DEC ) as to ownership of the island. Has the town board looked into this?
3) IS the CLA actively involved in trying to find a solution to the removal of the island? ( the island is, and will, affect our lake and homeowners around it ).
4) IS the DEC really getting as involved as they could in the situation?
I fully understand that my goal to get rid of the island cannot be accomplished “overnight”.
However, my reason for writing this letter is to state that in my eight weeks of pursuing this issue I have to say that I have seen, in many situations, a lack of dedication from persons that we have elected, or appointed, to various positions.
If I was going to give a “grade” to the performance of the Geneseo Town Board–they would receive a low one. It’s a creek that runs thru your town, folks. Last year, you were involved in extensive work on the creek about a quarter mile from this location. That was by way of a “grant” and I understand that put the project into a different situation. However, I really feel, that with a little bit of effort, something “could be worked out” to get involved in removing the island.
Also–remember that there is a good chance the island is not even on “private property”.
I will hold off insofar as “grading” other organizations.
In closing, I also have to state that, in my eight weeks of pursuing this issue, I have not received ONE request from any governmental official to meet personally with me and “look at and discuss” the issue. Many of you HAVE received an invitation from me.
Seems to me that a private citizen, trying to accomplish something that will benefit all and will prevent future problems, deserves more than that.
The island continues to grow and strengthen. A great time to remove it would be this fall/winter.
I welcome replies to this letter.
Bob Morris