EMAIL TO THE EDITOR: I Want to Bring Ethics to Geneseo Government

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Families come in many forms. They are the foundation of our society. Similarly, local government is the foundation of our political system. However, with the elevation of Donald Trump, our American democracy has come off the rails. We have a President who repeatedly scoffs at the value of ethics, transparency, responsibility, evidence, science, environment, competence, free press, kindness, empathy, respect, inclusiveness, and honesty. He threatens rather than “ensures domestic tranquility” acting in direct opposition to the ideals of our Constitution.

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I am a candidate for Geneseo Town Council because I want to serve my Geneseo community and bring the above values to our local government. I want to do my part to help shore up the foundations of our American democracy and to help get us back on track.

I am asking for your vote. In keeping close to the values above, I pledge to place evidence over ideology. I pledge to listen to all and to fairly consider the points of view presented. As a mathematician, I have experience in problem solving and optimization. As a research scientist and an administrator in the federal government, I have experience as both a project and budget manager. As legislative aide in the U.S. House of Representatives, I gained experience in law, legislation, and policy formation. As a biotech entrepreneur, I have small business experience.

Most importantly, I’ve lived in Geneseo for twenty-five years. All four of my children graduated from Geneseo Central School. I know the community and value the special place that Geneseo is. As a member of the Town Council, I will work to help Geneseo thrive as an affordable, welcoming, economically vital, healthy, safe, and eco-friendly community.

Tony Macula
Geneseo, NY