EMAIL TO THE EDITOR: Pushes ‘Activist’ Agenda

The following is an email submitted from Mike Englert at to the The attitudes and ideas expressed below should not be interpreted as the opinion of the The stories to which the believes Englert is referring are: Geneseo Police Detain Suspected Illegal Immigrants at Traffic StopGeneseo Trustee: Cops Should Not Have Called Border Patrol on Suspected Illegal ImmigrantsLarge Protest Flares Around Family Detained as Illegals in GeneseoTrustee Rutigliano: Geneseo Detention Protests are the Right ResponseGeneseo Town Officials Support Police on Detention of Suspected Illegals in VillageMayor Backs Geneseo Police’s Calling Border Patrol at Stop.

I am no longer following your news organization after the non-story that was published in reference to the Geneseo village trustee. Why does news people continue to push the “activist” agenda and refuse to just report the facts. Why do I care about someone else’s agenda on this village trustee. News media should just report facts and not someone else’s liberal wrong agenda. I am done with Genesee Sun and they have fallen into the crap news media along with the rest of them.

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by Deer Run Winery - 11/24/2017

He added after publication:

You make a good point. Maybe it is a good thing now that I think of it that your story has brought this to the front. My argument is that it seems that the current news media has gotten lazy. It seems every news outlet today just goes directly to the protesters and activist to report on the ‘controversy.’ When there is none. The news media now is just becoming a vehicle for ‘activist’ to forward a progressive liberal agenda. They are not doing journalism at all.
How about the news media report and remind people that this country has immigration laws. Laws that been in place for hundreds of years. Report how this trustee platform is a violation of the law and she holds an elective office.