DWC Wrestling Pins Warsaw

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DWC Wrestling had their 3rd home meet and 1st home meet at Dansville Highschool Tuesday the 10th VS. Warsaw. DWC would go on to win the match 44-30. It's been a few years since DWC has competed in their highschool and tonight was nothing shy of amazing. The bleachers were packed, hot food and cold drinks served, and grade A wrestling for all to see. The match would begin with 2 forfeits and a disqualification due to locked hands giving DWC the edge 12-6. After a few back and forths it was now 22-12 with Brycen Lemmon coming out at 145lbs against a beast. Lemmon would be turned early going down by 4 points but then he dug deep and rolled thru pinning his opponent with 1 second left. The crowd went insane! After a few more back and forths it was now 38-24 with DWC leading the match. Elijah Bender would head out at 215lbs and dominate his opponent lifting him up and landing a standing half to seal a pin and put Dansville up 44-24. The 285lb match up would end with a win for Warsaw finalizing the meet with DWC winning 44-30. DWC is now 13-7 as a team and 10-3 in LCAA!! Two of those losses being avenged later in the season. DWC also has 6 wrestlers ranked in Section V.