Dansville Police’s Facebook Page to Return after Comment Outrage

DANSVILLE – The Dansville Police Department’s Facebook page, which has been inactive since February 11, is expected to be back online soon.

Dansville Village Mayor Pete Vogt said that the Village Board unanimously passed a social media policy for all village departments that in essence makes department heads fully liable for any messages that their employees post to the department’s social media platform.

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by Deer Run Winery - 11/24/2017

“The responsibility for anything that goes on a Village department’s social media page falls on that department head’s shoulders,” said Vogt. “If anything opinion-based goes on a social media page, the department head will be held responsible.”

Vogt added that the policy does not cover what Village employees post on their own private social media pages.

The Village Board expects the social media policy to resolve any problems like what sprang up last month when a Dansville Police Officer posted and later deleted a nasty responding comment for a person who criticized the department on an arrest press release.

Dansville Police are expected to once again begin posting their press releases on arrests and activities in the Village.

(Photo/hades2k via Flickr.com)