Dansville Police Rant at Defendant’s Family Over Facebook

A screenshot of the comment thread on Facebook.

DANSVILLE – The Dansville Police Department Facebook page left a nasty comment in response to an enraged woman on Facebook.

The comment has since been deleted, but not before numerous members of the community took notice.

Sun Market

“Dear [redacted], we know that your Obama phone does not have spell check or grammar check, but please do us all a favor that has to read your non sense posts. Get someone educated enough to spell check your posts before you post them please! Sincerely, the not so scary police”

The comment was later deleted.

Facebook profile ‘Mr. Eric L. Williams II’ shared a screenshot of the comment.

“I cannot believe I just read this comment from Dansville police department!! I don’t know If I should laugh, or be mad at how inappropriate this is” posted Williams.

Dansville Police did not return a phone call to their non-emergency number.

A screenshot of the comment thread on Facebook.