Dansville Oncologist Talks Radiation Effects

DANSVILLE – A radiation oncologist from UR Medicine – Noyes Health will bring her radiation expertise to the curious public at Dansville Public Library.

According to a press release from The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester, Elena A. Nedea, MD is the speaker for their free seminar, ‘Long-Term Effects of Radiation,’ on Tuesday, Nov. 14, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., at the Dansville Public Library.

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“What I have learned since I started leading the Cancer Support Services Coalition in response to the opening of our new regional Myers Cancer Center is that cancer is a chronic disease. Following screening, diagnosis, and treatment, cancer patients and their families are often impacted by long-term side effects associated with their life-saving treatment. Education sessions provided by the Breast Cancer Coalition are important in helping patients through their cancer journey,” says Patty Piper, Director of Community Outreach Services at Noyes Health.

Radiation treatment for cancer is known to reduce recurrence and increase survival of the disease. The seminar will seek to answer questions about any risks associated with radiation, long-term effects of radiation therapy for breast cancer and gynecologic cancer survivors, whether therapeutic benefits outweigh the potential risks and whether there ways to prevent or minimize long-term effects.
is one of four community co-sponsors of this event.

“The support we receive from the team at Noyes Health and other Dansville community stakeholders enable us to bring our free programs to survivors in this part of the region,” said Tracy Brown of the Breast Cancer Coalition.

The event’s co-sponsors are: UR Medicine – Noyes Health; Dansville Public Library; NY State Senator Catharine Young; and NY State Assemblyman Joseph A. Errigo.

(Photo/Dansville Public Library via Facebook)