Dansville Mayor Bans Village Police from Facebook for Nasty Comment

A screenshot of the comment thread on Facebook.

DANSVILLE – Dansville’s mayor has instructed the Dansville Police Department not to use their Facebook page until further notice.

According to our news partner News10NBC, Mayor Pete Vogt told the Police Department not to use its Facebook page until it takes specific corrective action.

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“I have directed the department not to use the Facebook page again until specific rules/guidelines have been put in place,” said Vogt. “I apologize to the community for the breach of trust committed by the officer.”

The Facebook comment, which was later deleted, was a reply to a woman accusing the Department of harassment after they posted a press release about an arrest:

“Dear [redacted], we know that your Obama phone does not have spell check or grammar check, but please do us all a favor that has to read your non sense posts. Get someone educated enough to spell check your posts before you post them please! Sincerely, the not so scary police.”

“His words are indefensible,” said Vogt. “Chief Charlie Perkins has looked into the issue and reported back to me.”

Some on Facebook said that the comment was way over the line. Others, however, say that the Department was right to answer back to accusations of harassment. Vogt said that his confidence in the Police Department is unchanged.

“My confidence in the professionalism of the Dansville Police Department and the ability of the officers to carry out their duties remains steadfast,” said Vogt.