Dansville Firefighters’ Quick Action Saved McDonald’s from Grease Fire

(Photo/Brian Wood via Facebook)

DANSVILLE – An immediate response and effective interior ‘attack’ of a grease fire at McDonald’s saved the building from much more serious damage Monday morning.

According to Livingston County Emergency Management Director Kevin Niedermaier and later Brian Wood on Facebook, employees and patrons evacuated when the alarm went off at about 8:40 a.m. Dansville firefighters entered the building and put out the fire before it could spread to the rest of the structure.

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“The fire was extinguished quickly by the interior attack crew and no extension of fire was located,” posted Wood with some interior photos. “Fire damage was contained to the general area of the fryer, however there was also smoke and water damage.”

Residents posted their thanks for the fire department on Facebook.

“Our community should be proud of the men and women of the Dansville fire dept and our surrounding depts…..” commented Glenn Camuto on the post. “They go in and get the job done. I’m proud to be working side by side with these men and women…. great job by all wish I was there to help this morning.”

The Livingston County Department of Health responded with the Office of Emergency Management for the investigation. The Dansville Police Department and Livingston County Sheriff’s Office assisted.

McDonalds is expected to be closed for several days as they make repairs.

“These stores typically turn around repairs quickly,” said Niedermaier. “Structurally, the building is solid. There’s going to be some cleanup and they’ll have to replace the fryer.”

Damage to the fryer. (Photo/Brian Wood via Facebook)

(Photo/Brian Wood via Facebook)