County Switches Gears Looking for Businesses for ‘Jim Steele Park’

AVON – The Livingston County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) has changed its vision for the types of businesses for ‘Jim Steele Park,’ formerly Crossroads Commerce Park, on Tec Drive.

According to Bill Bacon, Director of the IDA, the vision for the ideal tenant moved away from ‘heavier users’ like large industrial businesses after a closer look at the types of parcels and what business they would draw.

Sun Beat


by OSB Ciderworks - 11/24/2017

“The vision for the park was an updated look at the type of businesses we are trying to recruit for that area,” said Bacon. “With the exception of a large parcel to the north, the other available (subdivided) spaces are anywhere between 2 and 5 acres, which would likely not attract a large ‘industrial’ user anyway. This Park is a great place for professional buildings, light industrial/manufacturing, and support services for employees who work in the park. It would exclude things like small retail businesses, the prohibited businesses as listed in the Town Code and residential.”

Bacon said that there are still opportunities for ‘heavy users’ to move into Livingston County.

“Our businesses/prospects qualifying as a ‘heavier user’ would have other options. Livingston Industrial Complex is a park at the other end of Town (in the Village) that is prepared to accommodate large development projects having subdivided parcels ranging from 8 to 62 acres. Lastly, the Empire Park of Commerce is a large area around Agar Road in the Town of Avon that can provide significant acreage for a large-scale user.”

The park has been plagued by delays since its construction began under the former IDA director in 2013.

One tenant business, Evening Star Coffee Roasters, has been vocally critical of the IDA’s handling of the construction of Tec Drive, which they say caused over a year of delays for their business plans.

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