Conesus 6-Year-Old Wrestles for State Championship

CONESUS – While most six-year-old boys will be doing regular kid stuff on March 18, Landon Feil will be competing for a Wrestling State Championship. Feil, a native from Conesus, has a tournament record this year of 23-3 in the 46-pound weight division.

A second-generation wrestler, Landon learned much of what he knows from his father, Matt, who wrestled for Wayland-Cohocton.

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“The thing I miss most about wrestling is the physicality and the comradery,” Matt said.

Matt got Landon into wrestling when he was five, which was the same age he started. He said if Landon didn’t like it he could try something else. Landon joined the Livonia Youth Wrestling Club and has been there ever since. He practices Mondays and Wednesdays beginning the end of October until the beginning of March. But this season has been extended for Landon’s journey to the State Championships which will take place in Syracuse.

“To say that I am extremely thrilled and proud would be an understatement,” Matt said. “I don’t think he realizes right now just how big of a stage he is about to step onto but I think a few years from now he will look back and be quite proud of what he was able to accomplish.”

Along with Matt, Landon has also been guided by David Yamin and Steve Palmeri from the Club. Matt was visually very proud when speaking about all of the wrestlers at the Club and their accomplishments this season and there is room for more to join.

“I highly encourage anyone with a son or daughter to get them involved in the sport of wrestling,” Matt said. “This sport builds character at a young age, teaches them traits such as respect, discipline, honor, courage, and commitment.”

Matt hopes Landon’s younger brother Owen, now three, will follow in his older brother’s footsteps. Matt said Landon puts in the time and the hard work and absorbs what he is taught.

“I would never push a sport on either of my two boys if they did not enjoy them,” Matt said.

Still though, the stage is set for Landon on March 18 to do something special.

“I was never as good as he is when I was his age,” Matt said. “I could only imagine what it would be like to wrestle in a State Championship and also at a high level.”

Landon takes to the podium. (Photo courtesy of Jen MacNaughton Clark)