Collins Denies Wrongdoing in Wake of Ethics Office Allegations

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) found that there is ‘substantial reason to believe that Representative Chris Collins violated federal law’ in his dealings with a company in which he holds stock.

Innate Immunotherapeutics Limited the allegation is that Collins may have shared material nonpublic information in the purchase of Innate stock.

“The Board recommends that the Committee on Ethics further review the above allegation because there is a substantial reason to believe that Representative Collins shared material nonpublic information in the purchase of Innate stock, in violation of House rules, standards of conduct, and federal law,” said the OCE in their report.

Collins denies any wrongdoing.

“Rep. Collins has done nothing improper, and his cooperation and candor during the OCE review process confirm he has nothing to hide,” said a letter from Baker Hostetler LLC in response to the report. “Rep. Collins cooperated by producing over 2,800 pages of documents, providing extensive sworn testimony, and engaging fully with OCE through counsel. Rep. Collins’ dealings with respect to Innate have been open, lawful, and forthright. There is nothing in the record to suggest, let alone support, the conclusion that Rep. Collins violated House rules, standards of conduct, or federal law. OCE’ s first and third recommendations should be rejected and this matter concluded without further review. Any result to the contrary would cause the continued and senseless multiplication of the time, energy, and resources that have already been squandered by this fruitless exercise.”

Democratic chairs of several neighboring counties as well as representatives of ‘Citizens Against Collins,’ ‘GLOW Progessives,’ ‘Sister District for Western New York’ and ‘Indivisible NY 27th’ sent a press release following initial reports of the Committee’s findings that it is ‘absolutely clear that the voters of New York’s 27th district deserve better from their member of Congress.’

“It has never been more obvious that the term ‘Representative’ is misapplied when it comes to Chris Collins, and the decision released today by the House Ethics Committee to continue its investigation of him reinforces that,” said Judith Hunter, the Livingston County Democratic Chair. “His actions prove that his priorities are his own bottom line and those of his cronies’, not the interests of the hard-working voters of New York 27.”

(Photo/Chris Collins Facebook)