Feds and Cops Crush Boneyard’s 20-Year Meth Ring

Note: According to a press release sent later Tuesday from the U.S. Attorney's Office, all four defendants are facing increased federal charges that could result in a maximum of life in prison and a $10,000,000 fine. Take a look at our follow up here. WEST SPARTA – The U.S. Attorney's Office filed federal charges against four people, at least one of whom is believed to have been distributing meth from the Boneyard in West Sparta. Kenneth … [Read more...]

Meth Busts, Including One at West Sparta Boneyard, Lock Up 3

WEST SPARTA – Three men are in custody on high-level drug felonies following two drug busts in the Town of West Sparta, at least one of which was at the Boneyard auto salvage. According to a press release from Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, arrested were: Kenneth Hoag, 55, of Dansville; Kurt Redance, 26, of West Sparta; and Andrew Culliton, 37, of West Seneca. All three were charged with felony Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the … [Read more...]

Cops Arrest Teen for Sexual Contact with Protected Girl

WEST SPARTA – The Livingston County Sheriff's Office arrested a North Cohocton resident for allegedly having sexual contact with and sending indecent pictures to a 14-year-old subject of an order of protection. According to a press release from Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, Murray Dunham, 18, was arrested for felony Disseminating Indecent Material to a Minor in the Second Degree, misdemeanor Sexual Misconduct and misdemeanor Criminal Contempt in … [Read more...]

New Hygenists Taking Patients at Dansville Dental Professionals

DANSVILLE — Dansville Dental Professionals (DDP) is welcoming two new Registered Dental Hygienists, Tammy Cornelius and Nikki Kota. According to a press release from DDP, they have 25 years of experience between the two of them. Kota, who is from Wayland, has worked for DDP in the past and is returning to the team. Cornelius has worked in the Brockport area and is joining the team at DDP and Bath Dental Professionals, after a … [Read more...]

Springwater’s Holiday Hill Campground Raises Over $1.8K for Kids with Cancer at Camp Good Days

SPRINGWATER — Holiday Hill campground in Springwater raised $1,850 in donations to Camp Good Days and Special Times as part of Campground Owners of New York's (CONY) fifth annual statewide fundraising for charity event in 2016. According to a press release from CONY, Holiday Hill Campground raised their funds through various events and activities in their park, in addition to contributions from their campers. Fundraising from CONY campgrounds … [Read more...]

Car Explodes in Dansville Attached Garage


DANSVILLE – Firefighters saved a house on Deer Park Drive after a car apparently exploded in an attached garage Saturday afternoon. According to a Facebook post by Dansville Fire Chief Glenn Camuto to the Dansville Fire Department, a car exploded inside an attached garage. An emergency call came to the Dansville Fire Department at about 2:41 p.m. "As Chief of the Dansville Fire Dept I was very proud of the hard work and actions conducted … [Read more...]

40-Foot Fall Seriously Injures Hiker in Springwater

SPRINGWATER – A young man sustained serious injuries from a 40-foot fall from a hiking trail near Rte. 15A Thursday evening. According to first responders on scene, a 22-year-old from Wayland and several others were hiking and taking pictures along two waterfalls when he slipped on loose shale and fell about 40 feet, breaking his shoulder or upper arm and suffering lacerations. The emergency call came in at about 6:50 p.m. "The group he was … [Read more...]

Cops Catch 3 Teens and Stolen Guns in Dansville


DANSVILLE – State Police arrested three young out-of-county residents for allegedly possessing stolen firearms on 390 in Dansville. According to a press release from New York State Police, two Mount Vernon, NY residents and one Stamford, CT resident were arrested for felony Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree and felony Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the Fourth Degree. The Stamford resident was also charged with … [Read more...]

Talk Remembers Nunda’s Sports Legends from Civil War and WWII

NUNDA — The Nunda Historical Society will host a history program called 'Sports in Nunda' to share stories of athletics in the area from the Civil War era to the present. According to a press release from the Nunda Historical Society, the event will feature stories of important teams, coaches, players, and local playing fields. Segments of the event will focus on Nunda's two football teams, early girls' athletics, and Doc Kennedy, the area's … [Read more...]

FEMA’s Expanding Flood Maps Could Dampen Dansville Real Estate Market

DANSVILLE – Village Mayor Pete Vogt says that sky-high flood insurance rates have the potential to make the local real estate market a little soggy. A potential property owner who takes out a loan on a property in what FEMA considers an area with a high flooding risk must then purchase flood insurance. Vogt says that since disastrous storms like Katrina and Sandy, FEMA is redrawing maps to include many more properties in 'flood zones' than in … [Read more...]