Avon to Patch Wind Storm Damage at DPW

The front of the Village DPW building.
(Photo/Conrad Baker)

AVON – The Village of Avon approved a plan to permanently fix the roof of their Department of Public Works (DPW) building, which took serious damage from the winds of early March.

High winds peeled back part of the roof during the storm. The plan is to layer a new roof on top of what is already there.

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“The DPW building faces right into the west,” said John Barrett, the Village of Avon’s Superintendent of Public Works. “The wind got underneath and just pulled it back. Since then there’s been a temporary fix in place so it’s not raining in there.”

Two roofing companies bid on the project. Highland Contractors bid $42,500 and Elmer Davis bid $44,000. Barrett’s recommendation was to accept Elmer Davis, the higher bidder, because they offered a 20-year full system warranty where Highland’s warranty ultimately came out to be just 2 years.

The Village Board unanimously chose to go along with Barrett’s recommendation. Those present were Mayor Tom Freeman, Deputy Mayor Mark McKeown, Trustee Rob Hayes and Trustee Tim Batzel.

An insurance company, Selective, will cover $20,866 of the damages. Of the remaining $23,133, 75 percent will come from the buildings and maintenance budget and 25 percent will come from the sewer budget.

For Barrett, there is always a silver lining.

“It’s been there 25 years so we were thinking about repairing it anyway,” said Barrett.

The front of the Village DPW building.
(Photo/Conrad Baker)