A Reality Closer to Home By Rich Lovelace

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We asked our columnist and former police officer, Rich Lovelace,  for his insights on being an officer during these troubled times.   Rich did us one better by also interviewing Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty for his perspective on law enforcement in 2023.         In an interview with Sheriff Tom Dougherty, I was on the lookout for some sanity in this crazy world. We have so much information and most of it does not pertain to us. It only affects us if we let it get us upset, even though it has no direct connection to us or anyone we know. It is news about celebrities, politicians, and rich people. I am not any of those, and I am too busy to care about them. I certainly don’t share most of their values. Neither, I think, do you.      Let’s start thinking closer to home and forget the reality the news is trying to create for us. Tom Dougherty has been sheriff of Livingston county for almost ten years. “It flew by. It doesn’t seem possible, really,”Dougherty said. For three election cycles, the citizens of Livingston County have been convinced that he is a man of good character and up for the job of Sheriff. He believes your confidence comes from his character and from his service as a deputy and now as Sheriff. So appreciative of your votes, Dougherty states that asking for them is “asking for a lot from people and they are putting their full trust in you.” He says, “I have always understood the great responsibility I was taking on. When things are going awry, you go to your sheriff.”