25th Service Anniversary ‘Just Another Day’ for Dansville Officer Faugh

DANSVILLE – It was service as usual on the roads of the Village of Dansville for Officer Jeff Faugh.

Faugh started at the Dansville Police Department in 1992 and has been employed part time at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office twice. He also serves in the East Avon Fire Department.

Sun Market

“It’s just another day for me,” said Faugh. “It’s nice to have 25 years in.”

Faugh served part time in the Sheriff’s Office in the 2000’s. After a brief hiatus, he once again wears the black hat as a part-time Deputy.

On Christmas Day 2014, Faugh determined that an unconscious man was suffering from a drug overdose and called for a Deputy to administer a dose of Naloxone, which saved the man’s life.

In March 2016, Faugh helped catch a driver who was fleeing police and tried to hide in the crowd in the East Avon Fire Hall during their Ham Raffle.

(Photo/Livingston County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook)