Avon Boards Cautious of Proposed $130K Driving Park Lodge

AVON – The Town and Village Boards are cautiously optimistic about Avon Rotary's proposal to build a four-season public lodge in Avon Driving Park. The proposal is to tear down the existing skate-house and build a 32-foot by 64-foot, 100-person capacity lodge at Avon Driving Park. Rotarians Tom Vonglis and John Marks sought commitments from both the Village and Town Boards to help pay for the project, slated at $130,000, in a 30-minute … [Read more...]

EMAIL TO THE SUN: ‘Avon Deer Shooting is Morally Despicable’

The following is an email submitted by Ashley Pankratz to the GeneseeSun.com for publication. The attitudes and ideas expressed below should not be interpreted as the opinion of the GeneseeSun.com. When the Village of Avon surveyed its 3,394 residents to assess public opinion on the presence of deer within village limits, only 351 responded—a strong indication that most are not bothered by the deer with whom they share their community. … [Read more...]

Traditional Avon Luminaries Illuminate the Best in Neighbors

AVON – The return of the luminaries to the sidewalks of Avon is shedding light on the Village's best side. The luminaries, which are white paper bags, jars, milk jugs and anything else that will safely emit a soft glow with a candle inside, can be homemade, picked up at the Allstate Office, 65 East Main Street, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. through Friday or delivered for a $2 donation, half of which goes to the Avon Food Pantry. However, some … [Read more...]

Avon at Crossroads in Quest for Safer Main Street Crosswalks

AVON – The Village of Avon has arrived at a turning point when it comes to traffic safety on Main Street. Avon Police ticketed 20 drivers and warned about 10 more in the past four months for failing to yield to pedestrians on East Main Street. The Village is calling on experts to see what can be done to get pedestrians and drivers to use crosswalks and traffic signals. "It's like we've talked about for the last three years. The road is so … [Read more...]

Geneseo Village and College Mourns Passing of Don Lackey in Collision

GENESEO – Donald Lackey, 74, tragically passed away in a car collision on Rte. 39 (Avon Geneseo Road) Sunday morning. Both the Village and College knew Lackey as a great friend. Social media posts extending condolences to his family express that he was an active member of St. Mary's Church on Avon Road and a member of the SUNY Retirees Service Corps as Assistant Vice President for Human Resources (Emeritus) at the College at Geneseo. "A … [Read more...]

Avon Maps the Village for Fall Deer Hunt

AVON – The Village of Avon is surveying residents to map areas of high deer-human encounters and identify the best areas to allow a special deer hunt this fall. The deer hunting committee headed by Avon resident Don Mastin is currently organizing feedback from the surveys, which went out to residents with water bills. The committee is 'districting' specific areas to allow an alteration to the village ordinance that normally prohibits any … [Read more...]

Avon’s ‘White Oak’ Retires After 76 Years on Genesee Street

AVON – For the first time since World War II, Genesee Street's most famous tree stump is not at its post. The 'white oak' (which was not an oak) has watched many people come and go through the village but was reportedly too rotten to safely stand any longer. When a large limb from a neighboring tree fell during the powerful wind storm during Corn Fest on Aug. 13, the base of the tree was found to be badly rotted and barely able to support the … [Read more...]

Windowsill Fire Burns in Geneseo Home

UPDATE: Geneseo Cops and Firefighters Save Cat and Malcolm the Dog from Fire GENESEO – A fire that appears to have originated on a windowsill burned inside a house on Rorbach Lane Thursday afternoon. According to first responders on scene, investigators are looking closely at an east facing windowsill as the origin of the fire. The fire started at about 4:17 p.m. Firefighters put out the flames before they could spread to the rest of the … [Read more...]

Oh Deer! Avon Committee Organizing Village Hunt

AVON – The Village of Avon plans to alter an ordinance that bans hunting in the Village in an attempt to decrease the local deer population and reduce negative deer-human encounters. A deer management oversight committee headed by Avon resident Don Mastin will soon begin researching rules to be proposed for the hunt, including who gets to hunt, with what tools, where, and how many deer they can take. Mayor Thomas Freeman said that the plan is … [Read more...]

Geneseo to Talk New ‘Transition Zoning’ on Town-Village Edge

GENESEO – The Town of Geneseo is considering a zoning update that would create a 'transition zone' between the Village and Town, where structures could be built more densely than in the Town but not as densely as in the Village. The Town of Geneseo announced that they will be holding a Community Open House to discuss the zoning update on June 30 at the Livingston County Government Center at 6 Court Street in Rooms 205 and 208 from 5 p.m. to 8 … [Read more...]