Estranged Dansville Wife Goes to Prison for Violating Car Attack Deal

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A judge once again sentenced the Dansville woman who served six months in jail for trying to run over her husband. This time, the sentence is to state prison. County Court Judge Robert Wiggins sentenced Lois Mark, 53, to 1 to 3 years in prison for a Violation of Probation over her tearful request to stay in local jail. She admits that less than a week after she finished her 6 months at the Livingston County Jail for felony … [Read more...]

Mount Morris Teen Goes to Prison for Torching Old House

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A County Court Judge sentenced a Mount Morris teenager to prison for burning a vacant house with the help of a 14-year-old. Judge Dennis Cohen sentenced Alex Gross, 18, to 2 to 6 years in prison for felony Attempted Arson in the Third Degree. Gross is eligible to serve 6 months in Shock camp, a military-style prison boot camp, but will not have his record sealed as a Youthful Offender (Y/O). "You have a prior Y/O. I'm … [Read more...]

Nunda Child Rapist Goes to Prison

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — About 30 members of 'Bikers Against Child Abuse' attended a Tuesday court appearance for a man to admit to raping two children in Nunda. Herman Hassell, 48, pled guilty to felony Rape in the First Degree and felony Attempted Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree. He is to spend the next 10 years in prison and 20 years after that on post-release supervision. "One of the victims is a family member who trusted the … [Read more...]

Cuban Credit Card Hustler Caught in Livonia Likely to be Deported

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A Cuban citizen who cloned numerous credit cards as part of a scheme believed to have extended along the entire east coast is likely to be deported after a judge sentenced him to prison for felony identity theft on Thursday. Juan Pablo Cosio Aguila, 26, was sentenced to 1 to 3 years in state prison for felony Identity Theft in the First Degree. Judge Dennis Cohen told Aguila that he will likely be deported as a result of … [Read more...]

Scam Victims Help Finally Lock Up Caledonia Crook

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A 13-month case finally came to a close Tuesday morning as the Caledonia contractor who defrauded Livingston County residents of over $190,000 was sentenced to prison with some of his victims looking on. Kurt Kline, 46, was sentenced to 3 to 6 years in prison for felony Grand Larceny in the Second Degree and Grand Larceny in the Third Degree. Kline defrauded Jim and Barbara Kraus of over $100,000, inspiring them to seek out … [Read more...]

Judge Sends Boo Henry to Prison for Assaulting Deputy During Escape

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Mount Morris man who led about 70 members of law enforcement on a week-long manhunt in the summer of 2015 was sentenced to state prison on Thursday. Richard 'Boo' Henry, 36, was sentenced to 6 years in prison and 5 years of parole for felony Assault in the Second Degree. He pled guilty to that charge on Jan. 28, 2016, admitting that he took off when a New York State Parole Officer and a Livingston County Deputy Sheriff … [Read more...]

Swick Starts 24-Year Prison Sentence for Dansville Burglary Spree

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Dansville man who was convicted at trial of several felony charges has started his 24-year sentence for a burglary spree and car theft. Christopher Swick, 30, was sentenced to 24 years in state prison for Burglary in the Second Degree, felony Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree, felony Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the Fourth Degree, felony Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree, misdemeanor Petit Larceny, … [Read more...]

Keiffer Sentenced to 45 Days for Dog Shooting Coverup

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – One of the founders of the Livingston County Tea Party and member of the Livingston County Republican Committee was sentenced to 45 days in jail following a guilty plea to two felonies related to an extreme coverup of an alleged dog shooting. Andrew Keiffer, 44, will serve 45 days in jail and 5 years' probation for Tampering with Physical Evidence and Attempted Bribing a Witness, both E felonies, for filming home video of a … [Read more...]

Defiant Sex Offender Sentenced to More Prison

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The sexually violent offender who fled from a Livingston County Sheriff's Office Investigator following a failure to register a change of address will now be headed back to prison on multiple violations of corrections law. Robert McLoud, 26, was sentenced to 2 to 6 years in prison for Failure to Report a Change of Address as a sex offender, and 1 to 3 years in prison for a Violation of Probation, to run concurrently with … [Read more...]

Justice Moran Sentences Officer Pierson’s Killer: ‘You’re a Career Criminal’

NYLON – Former Livingston County District Attorney and current Monroe County Supreme Court Justice Thomas Moran on Thursday sentenced the man convicted of fatally shooting Rochester Police Officer Daryl Pierson. Thomas Joshnon III was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, along with 55 years to life in prison, to be served consecutively. The sentences were for Aggravated Murder of a Police Officer and Attempted … [Read more...]