Geneseo Police Chief Writes Down I.D. Policy After Protests Defend Illegal Immigrants

GENESEO – Village Police Chief Eric Osganian presented the Village Board of Trustees with a written document communicating the department's policy for traffic stops where the driver does not have an I.D. that the Geneseo Police Department can verify. The earliest that the Board could formally approve this policy is May 1, their next meeting. The policy is closely modeled after that of the Livingston County Sheriff's Office. It says that if an … [Read more...]

Homicide Suspect High-Tailed it Through Mount Morris

MOUNT MORRIS – A Mount Morris Police Officer stopped a driver on April 5 who would in the following days be arrested for a gruesome Pennsylvania homicide. Mount Morris Police Officer Melody Moore happened to be behind the station wagon southbound on Rte. 36 and called in to the 911 Center at about 3 p.m. to report that it was driving 70 mph towards Main Street with its hazard lights on, passing in a no-passing zone. Officer Zachary Hinkson … [Read more...]

NYS-Funded ‘Operation Safe Stop’ Coming to Enforce School Bus Laws

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – The Geneseo Police Department announced Monday that 'Operation Safe Stop' is again coming to Livingston County to keep everyone on the road safer while kids are getting on and off the school bus. According to a press release from Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian, the operation will be April 27. Many local law enforcement agencies, including Geneseo Police, will be putting increased patrols to accompany school buses and … [Read more...]

WATCH: Mount Morris Loves Cop’s Pickup Basketball with Local Kid

MOUNT MORRIS – This video of a friendly pickup game of basketball at Bellamy Park is making the rounds on Facebook. Mount Morris Police Officer Greg Stefaniak was out on patrol when he saw a young man shooting hoops and got on the court to play. Lisa Marie Ann was there to catch the action on a Facebook Live video that has 1,800 views and counting. "Stephen was just down shooting and officer patrolling and stopped to shoot with boys," … [Read more...]

Dansville Police’s Facebook Page to Return after Comment Outrage

DANSVILLE – The Dansville Police Department's Facebook page, which has been inactive since February 11, is expected to be back online soon. Dansville Village Mayor Pete Vogt said that the Village Board unanimously passed a social media policy for all village departments that in essence makes department heads fully liable for any messages that their employees post to the department's social media platform. "The responsibility for anything … [Read more...]

Petition Asks All Local Cops to Avoid Immigration Law Investigations

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Those protesting Geneseo Police's decision to call U.S. Border Patrol at a traffic stop last Thursday are asking for five specific policy changes in all village police departments in Livingston County. An online petition, first drafted by SUNY Geneseo math professor Tony Macula and fine-tuned by others, asks that village police not investigate suspected violations of immigration law because 'simply being an undocumented … [Read more...]

Local Cops and Senior Citizens Fight Phone Scams

LIVINGSTON COUNTY — Police and senior citizens are sending the message that they have had enough of phone scams. Multiple law enforcement agencies have warned Livingston County residents of rashes of scam calls this year. Scammers are known to especially take advantage of the elderly, and the Livingston County Sheriff's Office's partnership with senior citizens is one way for potential targets to fight back. "TRIAD is a great program for … [Read more...]

Chief Mignemi Returns as Head of Mount Morris Police

MOUNT MORRIS – Ken Mignemi has returned to his capacity as full-time Chief of Police. Mayor Joel Mike confirmed that Chief Mignemi resumed his position as of Monday, Oct. 3. Mike suspended Mignemi for two weeks following an investigation into reports of the Chief's interference with a roadside investigation on Aug. 19. In the Chief's absence, Officer Mark Brado was Officer in Charge. Village Police continue to operate in their … [Read more...]

Geneseo’s Stolen Apartment Sign Found in York

GENESEO – The Geneseo Police Department currently has the sign to the Meadows Student Apartments that disappeared over the weekend. According to Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian, the sign was found in a field by the York Water Department and reported to Geneseo Police. "The investigation is still open," said Osganian. "Once we have gathered the evidence that we can from the sign itself, we will return it to the owners." Police Officer … [Read more...]

Geneseo Police Investigate Report of Abduction Attempt

GENESEO – Police are asking for any information to back up a teenage girl's report of an abduction attempt on Main Street on Saturday. According to Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian, a 14-year-old girl reported that a man in his 40's or 50's called out to her from the bench near the corner of Main and Bank Streets, and grabbed her wrist and tried to drag her away. She says that she pulled away and ran down Park Street to Brodie Hall on the … [Read more...]