FROM THE PUBLISHER’S DESK: I Believe in our Next Generation

It’s Veterans day and people are doubting our next generation as they take to the streets, burning the American, flag, seeking grief counseling, and getting permission slips to miss class to cope with election day defeat. Despite that, I’m not doubting our next generation, not for a second. I feel like I am well connected with our next generation. In my duty as an Air Force broadcaster I am fortunate enough to tell the stories of the fine … [Read more...]

FROM THE PUBLISHER’S DESK: Media Endorsements Center Ring of the Circus

Once again we now enter the crazy announcements of media outlets stating their endorsement of one politician or another. The doesn't endorse. We never have and never will. Instead of telling you what to do – we work hard to inform the voter so that they may make the best decisions based upon their individual values when it comes time to vote. This philosophy at the Sun has been one of our platforms from the start – be fair to all … [Read more...]

FROM THE PUBLISHER’S DESK: Time for a SUNY Geneseo Community Alert Sytem

Recently, SUNY Geneseo sent out a campus-wide email alerting students of an alleged rape and requesting if anyone had further information regarding the incident. The incident was alleged to have taken place at an off-campus gathering. The alert, titled 'Community Notification,' was emailed to the student body from SUNY Geneseo Police Chief Thomas Kilcullen. The College did not, however, alert the Village outside of SUNY Geneseo's campus that … [Read more...]

FROM THE PUBLISHER’S DESK: Gratefully Homeward Bound

Well, today is the beginning of a new chapter for myself, my family, and the I leave the Department of Defense Information School (DINFOS) as a graduate of the Broadcast Communications Specialist Course. Now, in addition to my work at the, I have the honor of telling the stories of the sons and daughters of our nation who are defending our freedoms. I will still be assigned to the 914th Air Wing in Niagara … [Read more...]

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Time for Healing

Suicide is an ugly, vicious beast. I lost my brother to it in 1994. A murder-suicide is a beast without a soul. I lost my best friend in a similar incident five years after losing my brother. These pains haunt me to this day. Sunday's double murder-suicide brings that horror back to me as a new horror begins for the many others affected by the tragedy. The violence on Wadsworth Street in Geneseo is beyond a nightmare. It's beyond … [Read more...]

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Terrorism Making Me Think the Worst

As many of you know, I’m away for a military school down in the Baltimore Washington D.C. area. I’m staying in a hotel off of the base due to lodging issues. Shocking to many of you that know me, I’m awake and grabbing breakfast in the lobby every day at 6 a.m. So yesterday as I am sitting there in my uniform having a quick bite to eat, a man with olive skin wearing  sandals and with one hand in his hoodie pocket comes walking straight at me … [Read more...]

FROM THE PUBLISHER’S DESK: Frog in a Well, Two Steps Forward One Step Back

The old saying 'two steps forward one step back,' or 'frog in a well,' has been a fitting analogy for my life. I just received new military orders and will be leaving for 6 months starting in early December. I will be going to a video broadcasting school as part of my new job in the Air Force. This is one of the top schools the Department of Defense has to offer. To be selected is a true honor, and to attend it is a privilege. Make no mistake, … [Read more...]

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Mayor Delivers Jokes When Message of Unity is Called For

I have to admit, as I walked around the drying cement outside the Sun office to attend the Investiture Ceremony of President Dr. Denise Battles, I was (and still am) incredibly hopeful and optimistic about what she will undoubtedly bring to the community.  Battles shows leadership and a refreshing attitude towards fostering the relationship between town and college, two communities that must of necessity coexist. Village of Geneseo Mayor … [Read more...]