Rutigliano: People in Power Must Now Answer to Students’ Issues

GENESEO – SUNY Geneseo student and Village Trustee Mary Rutigliano was one of a few speakers at a demonstration by the International Youth and Students for Social Equality organization protesting the detainment of two Guatemalan women last Thursday as offensive to immigrant rights. Rutigliano took the stage on the college green to say that students can 'make this an issue.' The demonstration lasted for less than an hour. "I was elected … [Read more...]

Petition Asks All Local Cops to Avoid Immigration Law Investigations

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Those protesting Geneseo Police's decision to call U.S. Border Patrol at a traffic stop last Thursday are asking for five specific policy changes in all village police departments in Livingston County. An online petition, first drafted by SUNY Geneseo math professor Tony Macula and fine-tuned by others, asks that village police not investigate suspected violations of immigration law because 'simply being an undocumented … [Read more...]

Public Demands Policy Changes of Split Geneseo Board in Wake of Detained Migrant Workers

GENESEO – Members of the public asked the Village Board to make policy changes in the wake of Thursday's detainment of migrant workers at a traffic stop on Mary Jemison Drive. Mayor Richard Hatheway called a public meeting for 11 a.m. Saturday at the Village Hall. He, Deputy Mayor Sandra Brennan, Trustee Mary Rutigliano and Trustee Matt Cook attended. Over two dozen people including SUNY Geneseo professors and students, village residents and … [Read more...]

Geneseo Town Officials Support Police on Detention of Suspected Illegals in Village

GENESEO – Town officials are making their stances known as protesters continue to denounce the federal detention of seven people as suspected illegal immigrants Thursday evening. Town Supervisor William Wadsworth, Deputy Town Supervisor Roberta Irwin, and Town Councilman Matt Griffo posted their comments to Facebook. "I support the police and trust they know how best to handle a delicate situation," posted Wadsworth. "It wasn’t a pretty … [Read more...]

Trustee Rutigliano: Geneseo Detention Protests are the Right Response

GENESEO – The Village Trustee who joined protests at a traffic stop where two women and five children were taken into custody by Border Patrol says that Geneseo is having the right response. Mary Rutigliano was one of dozens who gathered at the traffic stop for hours as Geneseo Police and Border Patrol agents questioned and ultimately took into custody seven people. Later, she and many others protested outside the Border Patrol office in … [Read more...]

Geneseo Considers Charging Fee at Village Park

GENESEO — The Geneseo Village Board approved a preliminary 2017-18 budget Monday night in addition to discussing some potential ideas for generating future revenue without affecting the tax rate, including possibly charging a fee to use Village Park. While the budget will not be finalized for another month, Mayor Richard Hatheway opened the discussion by calling the draft budget 'flat as flat can be.' "The major increases are simply with … [Read more...]

Tree Crushes Car on Main Street Geneseo

UPDATE: As of 7:35 p.m. Wednesday, traffic is open on Main Street but police are still at the scene cleaning up. GENESEO – High winds knocked a tree over a parked car on Main Street, blocking the road. Geneseo Police and SUNY Geneseo police are diverting traffic from Main Street in the area of Ward Place and Court Street. As of 6:02 p.m., workers are cutting branches to try to clear the roadway. No one is thought to have been … [Read more...]

Geneseo Just Now Receives Report from April 2015 Walkability Study

GENESEO – The Geneseo Village Board was surprised to find that it never received the formal report from a walkability study done in 2015. Mayor Richard Hatheway said that it only arose recently that the Village never received the report from Wendel Engineering and Genesee Transportation Council, but a quick message to Wendel delivered a copy of the report. "We had one of our meetings with an engineer a couple weeks ago and he asked a … [Read more...]

EMAIL TO THE EDITOR: New Members Keep Kiwanis Effective in Geneseo

The following is an email submitted by Laura Wrubel to the for publication. The attitudes and ideas expressed below should not be interpreted as the opinion of the Letter to the Geneseo Community: You may have recently seen articles in this paper reflecting activities of the the Geneseo Kiwanis Club. The members of the club invite you to become a part of our volunteer work in this community. Geneseo Kiwanis … [Read more...]

‘It’s Taking a Village’ but Kelly’s Will Soon Return to Geneseo

GENESEO – Love, sweat and skill have finished the building and bar at Kelly's Saloon. A fresh sign means that the bar is nearly ready to open its doors for the first time since July 29, 2015. Owner Sarah Dieter said that the intense effort would have been impossible without the help of family, friends and community members. "It's taking a village, just like it always did before," said Dieter. "It's a beautiful, beautiful thing." Her … [Read more...]