Beware Heat Lamp Fire Hazards While Raising Birds

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Spring has sprung and it's time to raise chicks and ducklings, but fire experts caution homeowners of fire risks from heat lamps commonly used to keep baby birds warm at night. The birds are relatively easy to raise and a fun way for young kids to share the responsibility of raising animals. However, as has been seen in past years, some setups for raising the fuzzy friends can be risky, or outright dangerous. "You have … [Read more...]

Hero Dairy Workers Save Leicester Barn from Paper Fire

LEICESTER – A sharp eye and all-out battle against a paper fire in a Leicester barn saved the barn, cows and business from a potentially catastrophic blaze early Friday morning. Investigators say that a stationary tractor has sat in this dairy barn to shred paper for 10 years. At about 5:17 a.m., while workers had finished shredding a load of paper and were leaving the barn, one of them caught a glimmer of flame coming from the machine in the … [Read more...]

Livonia Firefighters Save House from Easter Fire

LIVONIA – Firefighters saved a house from disaster on Easter Sunday at Vanzandt and South Livonia Road. According to first responders who were at the scene, the emergency call went out at about 1:05 p.m. and Livonia Fire Chief PJ Dwyer arrived first on scene to find a working structure fire. "Crews quickly knocked down the fire that was held to the kitchen area," said Dwyer. "Nobody was home at the time of the fire but one dog was rescued … [Read more...]

Grass Fires Spring Up on Leicester Road

LEICESTER – Several small grass fires sprang up alongside Leicester Road Sunday evening. According to first responders, firefighters were dispatched to Leicester Road between Perry Road and Main Street for a reported grass fire at about 7 p.m. The Cuylerville Fire Chief arrived first and reported multiple grass fire along the road. Leicester and Cuylerville firefighters brought all of the fires under control. It has not been released … [Read more...]

Avon Fire Destroyed Friendly Truckers’ Home

AVON – Neighbors say that the fire on North Avon Road destroyed the home of a friendly couple who drive big rigs. Wayne White, who says he lives two doors down with his family, said that the couple and their 18-wheel rigs were gone at the time of the fire. "They must have been on the road," said White at the scene. "They had just moved here from the city [Rochester]. They were both very nice and neighborly." First responders contacted … [Read more...]

Fire Engulfs Avon Home

AVON – A home burned to the ground Thursday evening on North Avon Road. Numerous fire departments from Livingston and Monroe counties are currently fighting the fire, which was first reported at about 10:18 p.m. The structure is clearly a total loss. Multiple vehicles around the structure sustained heavy damage from the fire. Law enforcement including the Livingston County Sheriff's Office and New York State Police are currently … [Read more...]

Dansville Firefighters’ Quick Action Saved McDonald’s from Grease Fire

DANSVILLE – An immediate response and effective interior 'attack' of a grease fire at McDonald's saved the building from much more serious damage Monday morning. According to Livingston County Emergency Management Director Kevin Niedermaier and later Brian Wood on Facebook, employees and patrons evacuated when the alarm went off at about 8:40 a.m. Dansville firefighters entered the building and put out the fire before it could spread to the … [Read more...]

‘It’s Taking a Village’ but Kelly’s Will Soon Return to Geneseo

GENESEO – Love, sweat and skill have finished the building and bar at Kelly's Saloon. A fresh sign means that the bar is nearly ready to open its doors for the first time since July 29, 2015. Owner Sarah Dieter said that the intense effort would have been impossible without the help of family, friends and community members. "It's taking a village, just like it always did before," said Dieter. "It's a beautiful, beautiful thing." Her … [Read more...]

Fire Blisters Caledonia House

CALEDONIA – A fire burned through part of a Caledonia home on Feely Road near Lacey Road Thursday night. According to first responders on scene, the fire began in the back of the house. The emergency call went out at about 9:15 p.m. "I and others who were first on scene arrived to find heavy fire in the back of the structure," said RJ Kantowski, Deputy Chief of the Caledonia Fire Department. "A neighbor advised us that the house was … [Read more...]

Live Ammo, Paraphernalia Fly from Burning Car in Geneseo

GENESEO – A car crashed into a tree and burst into flames on Nations Road Sunday afternoon, igniting ammunition. According to first responders on scene, the driver, a male, was southbound on Nations Road at what is believed to have been an excessive speed when he failed to make a turn just south of Roots Tavern Road and struck a tree at about 1:20 p.m., sustaining injuries and starting a car fire. "When we started hearing the rounds going … [Read more...]