Avon Proposes Temporary Ban on Industrial Solar Fields

AVON – The Town of Avon scheduled a public hearing for a moratorium and prohibition of large-scale solar fields. This may surprise some residents, since Avon Central School is home to the largest solar field on any school grounds in New York State. However, the moratorium, if passed, would not stop that solar field from operating. It would, however, prevent any similar fields from being built. "The moratorium only affects large-scale … [Read more...]

Avon Voters Approve Purchase of New School Bus and Vehicle

AVON – Village residents voted in favor of the purchase of two transportation vehicles at Avon Central Schools. According to a press release from Avon Central Schools, the Board of Education of the Avon Central School District is hereby authorized to expend an amount not to exceed a combined total of $165,000 to purchase the vehicles. The vehicles will be a 65-passenger school bus that will cost up to $114,500 and one … [Read more...]

Driver Hits Parked Car in Avon

AVON – A woman is en route to a hospital after her vehicle struck a parked car. According to first responders at the scene, the driver of a white sedan was northbound on Athena Drive when her car swerved across the road and struck a parked vehicle which was faced southbound at about 10:30 a.m. The driver was transported to a hospital with minor injuries. The Livingston County Sheriff's Office is investigating. The Avon Fire Department … [Read more...]

SOFTBALL: Raiders on Fire, Defeat Braves 22-2 (5 innings)

CALEDONIA - The Caledonia-Mumford Red Raiders defeated the Avon Braves 22-5 for their 16th win for the season. For the Raiders Hannah Rubinrott got the win on the mound over 4 innings only allowing 3 hits. At the plate for the Raiders it was Gill Flint who was 3 for 4 with 4 runs and 2 RBI's. Also for the Raiders: Makenzie Wilson was 2 for 2 with 2 RBI, Jacqui McEwen scored 4 runs, and Hannah Wade was 2 for 3 with 3 runs scored. Cal-Mum … [Read more...]

Proposed Geneseo School Budget Tops $20M

GENESEO – Geneseo Central School's proposed budget for 2017-2018 is over $20 million. According to the school's budget notice, a $20,154,146 budget is proposed. This is a $541,997 increase from last year's budget, which comes out to a 2.76 percent increase. Geneseo is not the highest-budgeted school in Livingston County. By comparison, Avon Central School's proposed 2017-2018 budget is $20,203,496, down from $20,344,466 in … [Read more...]

GIRLS SOFTBALL: Cal-Mum Defeats Avon 17-1

AVON — The Caledonia-Mumford Raiders defeated the Avon Braves 17-1 in a conference game. The Raiders were led by Hannah Rubinrott, who pitched a 3 hitter with 11 strikeouts, as well as Meghan Mietlicki, who had a 3 for 4 double and triple 4 RBIs. Also contributing to the Raiders' win was Makenzie Wilson, who scored a game total of 5 runs. The Braves were led by Emily Raynard, who hit a triple and scored for Avon in the 5th inning. The … [Read more...]

Avon Storm Tests New Flood Prevention System

AVON – Thursday night's storm put the Village's new floodwater detention and diversion infrastructure to the test. Mayor Tom Freeman said that he and other Village officials were out monitoring the Village's five retention and detention ponds until about 12:30 a.m. Friday. He reports that the system worked overall. "We made out significantly better than past years," said Freeman. "The method of diversion and detention is working. We can … [Read more...]

Avon to Patch Wind Storm Damage at DPW

AVON – The Village of Avon approved a plan to permanently fix the roof of their Department of Public Works (DPW) building, which took serious damage from the winds of early March. High winds peeled back part of the roof during the storm. The plan is to layer a new roof on top of what is already there. "The DPW building faces right into the west," said John Barrett, the Village of Avon's Superintendent of Public Works. "The wind got … [Read more...]

Avon Plans to Divert Future Floodwaters from Lake Road

AVON – The Town and Village of Avon plan to divert future floodwaters from the area of Lake Road, which suffered awful flooding damage from torrential rains on Mother's Day 2015. MRB Group, the engineering firm that consults both the Town and Village, will oversee the project to divert floodwaters Little Conesus Creek. MRB said that they are in the final stages of reviewing the last required easement from a property owner in the Oak Hill Road … [Read more...]

BOYS BASEBALL: Avon Falls to Geneseo 8-5

GENESEO — The Geneseo Blue Devils defeated the Avon Braves in an early season game. Seniors Matt Robinson and Sean LaGrou led the Blue Devils, scoring 2 runs each. Also contributing to the win were junior Jason Valentine, senior Brian Linton, sophomore Jake Hamilton, and freshman Luke Harris, each of whom scored 1 run. "It was nice to see the guys who stepped up in big spots today," said Coach Nicholas Drollette of the victory. "We had … [Read more...]