Wayland Mom’s Theft Trial Loss Spells Trouble for Stabbing Case

Laurina Dow. (Photo/Livingston County Sheriff's Office)

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – A Wayland resident lost a felony trial this week for stealing her daughter's credit card, which puts her in a tough spot headed into a felony assault case for allegedly stabbing a man in Mount Morris. Laurina Dow, 37, represented by attorney Jeannie Michalski, lost at trail and was convicted of felony Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree, making her a second felony offender due to a prior conviction. "It is unfortunate … [Read more...]

Bull’s Eye! Rifle Hunting Now Permanent in Livingston County

File photo.

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – After a two-year trial period with two of the safest hunting seasons on record, big game hunting with centerfire rifles is now legal indefinitely in Livingston County. According to a press release from Senator Catharine Young, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law. “Sportsmen play an important role in our local economy by supporting small businesses. I thank Governor Cuomo for recognizing the significance of … [Read more...]

Sleepy Driver Wakes Up to Dansville Guiderail and DWI

(Photo/thisisbossi via Flickr.com)

DANSVILLE – The New York State Police arrested an Arkport resident for DWI after his vehicle crashed into a guidedrail on Rte. 36. According to a press release from State Police, Howard Stewart was arrested for misdemeanor DWI. Apparently, Stewart said that he fell asleep while driving and ran into the guiderail. He was apparently unable to complete roadside sobriety tests. State Police said that there were several items of alcohol in … [Read more...]

USA TODAY Ranks National Warplane Museum Airshow 6th in America

(Photo/Conrad Baker)

GENESEO – The National Warplane Museum in Geneseo USA TODAY's ranked as America's 6th most popular airshow. According to a press release from the National Warplane Museum, airshows from across the nation were nominated by USA TODAY readers, and the list was narrowed down to the final 20 by two experts. These 20 airshows, held throughout the country, were then voted on by fans to produce a Top Ten list. “This is exciting and encouraging news … [Read more...]

Mayor Not Feeling Burned by $11K Electrical Overcharge

(Photo/Conrad Baker)

GENESEO – The Village and Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) have reached a mutual agreement and understanding about the money that was overcharged to the Village over the past six years. Geneseo Mayor Richard Hatheway said that the $11,000 overcharge has been returned, the problem identified and no offense taken. "RG&E overcharged us for wattage about $80 every month for six years," said Hatheway. "It's minor, you might say. These … [Read more...]

E-Cigarette Lights Livonia Car Fire, then Fall from Horse Injures Rider

(Photo/Livonia Fire Department)

LIVONIA – An e-cigarette is to blame for Wednesday's car fire on South Livonia Road, from where Livonia Firefighters left to help an unconscious rider who fell from a horse. According to the Livingston County Office of Emergency Management, the fire started toward the rear of the vehicle and no one was injured. "You don't usually think of e-cigarettes as being a fire hazard," said Kevin Niedermaier, Director of the Office of Emergency … [Read more...]

Safety First: 13 Fires Scorch Droughty Livingston County in 2 Weeks

(Photo/Conrad Baker)

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Grass fires continue to break out in Livingston County's unseasonably dry conditions, and emergency personnel are advising the public to be extra careful when out in agricultural fields. A total of 13 grass fires have sprung up in the county from July 6 to July 21. According to the Livingston County Office of Emergency Management, the smallest sparks can cause major grass fires in these conditions. "A parked car on a … [Read more...]

Worsening Drought Burns Livingston County Farmers

(Photo/Conrad Baker)

LIVINGSTON COUNTY – Some of Livingston County's hardest workers are hurting badly in this summer's drought. For those who irrigate, or have natural springs on their property, the drought is a hiccup, even a boon. But just as the United States Drought Monitor updated Livingston County's status from 'moderate' to 'severe' drought, some local growers are starting to consider this dry spell a real problem. "It's bad. The corn gets shriveled up … [Read more...]

Geneseo Cops and Firefighters Save Cat and Malcolm the Dog from Fire

Inset: Malcolm the dog. (Photos/Conrad Baker)

GENESEO – Two four-footed Geneseo residents have the village police and fire department to thank for freeing them from their burning home and saving it from destruction. Geneseo Police Officer Benjamin Swanson and his partner Officer Dylan DiPasquale arrived first at the scene of a reported structure fire on Rorbach Lane Thursday afternoon. They saw a dog hunkered down away from the smoke and immediately took action. "He was a smart little … [Read more...]

Windowsill Fire Burns in Geneseo Home

(Photo/Conrad Baker)

UPDATE: Geneseo Cops and Firefighters Save Cat and Malcolm the Dog from Fire GENESEO – A fire that appears to have originated on a windowsill burned inside a house on Rorbach Lane Thursday afternoon. According to first responders on scene, investigators are looking closely at an east facing windowsill as the origin of the fire. The fire started at about 4:17 p.m. Firefighters put out the flames before they could spread to the rest of the … [Read more...]