Avon Storm Tests New Flood Prevention System

AVON – Thursday night's storm put the Village's new floodwater detention and diversion infrastructure to the test. Mayor Tom Freeman said that he and other Village officials were out monitoring the Village's five retention and detention ponds until about 12:30 a.m. Friday. He reports that the system worked overall. "We made out significantly better than past years," said Freeman. "The method of diversion and detention is working. We can … [Read more...]

Sheriff: 3 with Heroin Tried Ducking Interstate Deputies Through Avon

AVON – The Livingston County Sheriff's Office arrested three Mount Morris residents on misdemeanor drug charges for allegedly possessing multiple illegal drugs in Rte. 15. According to a press release from Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, Mercedes Bowes, 22, Matthew Mckenzie, 30, Christopher Campbell, 36, were all arrested on misdemeanor drug charges. Dougherty said that people carrying drugs are now using alternate routes to avoid the deputies who … [Read more...]

Lifelong Lima Firefighter Turns 81

LIMA – The Lima Fire Department is celebrating the 81st birthday of their former Chief, Dick Garey. Garey joined the Fire Department in 1954 as a firefighter. He was only 18 years old, which was the minimum age to join. “It’s gone from just a bunch of guys showing up and jumping on the fire truck to much more sophisticated equipment, to much more protective gear, to much more training and involvement," said Garey. On April 26, Garey will … [Read more...]

Avon to Patch Wind Storm Damage at DPW

AVON – The Village of Avon approved a plan to permanently fix the roof of their Department of Public Works (DPW) building, which took serious damage from the winds of early March. High winds peeled back part of the roof during the storm. The plan is to layer a new roof on top of what is already there. "The DPW building faces right into the west," said John Barrett, the Village of Avon's Superintendent of Public Works. "The wind got … [Read more...]

WATCH: Caledonia Bids Farewell to Former Fire and Police Chief ‘Torp’

CALEDONIA – For a moment last week, the passing of a loved and treasured local hero crossed a local cameraman's skill and memory of this giant among giants. Over 23,000 people have watched Kevin Keenan's video honoring the life of former Caledonia Chief Tom 'Torp' Torpey, 71. "Today we lost one of our own," posted Keenan on Facebook April 12. "50 years of service to the Caledonia Fire Department. A true firefighter who was a wealth of … [Read more...]

Leicester Resident to Manage Avon Bank of Castile

AVON – Tompkins Bank of Castile has promoted Kathleen DeGraff to branch manager in their Avon office. According to a press release from the Bank of Castile, DeGraff replaces Diana Williams, who recently transferred from the Avon office to the bank’s Retsof branch. “Katie is extremely knowledgeable about banking and her dedication to the profession is impressive,” said Diane Torcello, senior vice president of community banking. “The Avon … [Read more...]

Avon Plans to Divert Future Floodwaters from Lake Road

AVON – The Town and Village of Avon plan to divert future floodwaters from the area of Lake Road, which suffered awful flooding damage from torrential rains on Mother's Day 2015. MRB Group, the engineering firm that consults both the Town and Village, will oversee the project to divert floodwaters Little Conesus Creek. MRB said that they are in the final stages of reviewing the last required easement from a property owner in the Oak Hill Road … [Read more...]

Avon’s Dave Coyne Finishes Boston Marathon as 365th in Age Group

AVON – Dave Coyne finished his 46th Boston Marathon Monday. According to our news partners News 10NBC, Coyne, 65, crossed the finish line in 5 hours, 11 minutes and 18 seconds. "I take it one year at a time," said Coyne last week. "I would love to continue to run marathons until I’m in my mid-80s. If my body holds up, I will, but if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I try to train smart and balance running with cross training to take care of my … [Read more...]

School Buses Won’t Cross Lima’s Most Dangerous Intersection

LIMA – The intersection of Rtes. 5 and 20 at Doran and Bragg Streets is considered so dangerous that no school bus is allowed to cross it. According to our news partners News10NBC, transportation director of the Honeoye Falls-Lima School District Bill Harvey says that it is the most dangerous intersection in their district. "None of our buses are allowed to pull out of Doran Road at all," Harvey told News10. "Once you're on Doran Road, you … [Read more...]

Pinwheels and Talks Stand to Prevent Child Abuse in Livingston County

LIMA – Those pinwheels that you may have seen in Livingston County stand for April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month. The pinwheels are part of an annual campaign by Livingston County’s Department of Social Services (DSS) to raise awareness of child abuse and prevent it wherever possible. "Each year the Department of Social Services’ goal is to continue our efforts through this campaign to provide information and awareness about this important … [Read more...]