Sun Co-Owner Participates in Historic Day for the 914th Airlift Wing in Niagara Falls

NIAGARA FALLS — You might notice that the has been without its hallmark sports video coverage this week, and that's with good reason. The's Sports Director and General Manager, Josh Williams, also serves as a video broadcaster for the 914th Airlift Wing in Niagara Falls. The wing is currently switching missions from a C-130 Hercules to the KC135 Stratotanker. Williams produced a video for the Air Force documenting … [Read more...]

Lakeville’s Ramsay Constructors Build Giving Tradition with $4.2K in Local Donations

DANSVILLE – When Christmas time rolled around last year, the friends, family and employees of Chris Ramsey and Michelle Paroda knew that their perfect gift would actually be giving something away. The employees of Ramsey Constructors out of Lakeville pooled money together for an end-of-the-year hurrah on Jan. 28 and $1,400 donations to three local organizations: Sully and the Ladies in Pink; the Vincent House; and the Lakeville Fire … [Read more...]

Cycle For Hope Fundraiser at Cycle Craze to Benefit Camp Good Days and Golisaono Children’s Hospital

GENESEO – Cycle Craze is participating in the Cycle for Hope Fundraiser to benefit Camp Good Days and Golisano Children's Hospital. The event is a 6-hour spinning marathon that anyone can participate in.  Sign up and pledge $25 or more for every hour you participate. Email to sign up. Times are quickly filling up. "This is a great event that raises funds to support children fighting cancer and their families," said Deb … [Read more...]

SUNY Geneseo Student to Fight Cancer by Crossing Continent

GENESEO – A SUNY Geneseo student is about to push her physical limits to comfort those who are fighting for their lives. Sophia Garber, 21, will put herself through a grueling ride across the country to help those with a much harder battle, the battle against cancer. She and other college students will ride bikes donated by a Baltimore bike shop from Maryland to San Francisco, stopping at volunteers' houses along the way. "I had a close … [Read more...]

Letchworth Gateway Villages Announces Program Director

PERRY —  The Letchworth Gateway Villages advisory committee announced that Nicole Manapol will serve as the inaugural Program Director for the Letchworth Gateway Villages Program. The committee says that Ms. Manapol brings considerable experience as a Program Officer and Director in a broad range of contexts, as well as small business experience to the role. "We are very pleased that Nicole has accepted this position," said Rick Hauser, … [Read more...]

Avon Wrestler Joins Team USA

AVON — Who said high school wrestlers needed to be boys? Don't tell that to Avon junior Joye Levendusky, who is currently 22-5 and the No. 1 ranked female wrestler in Section V. Levendusky is a national champion and a four-time USAW All-American who was recently selected to be a part of Team USA whom she will represent in Sweden next month. "It's really exciting, and at the same time, it feels like a lot of responsibility because I'm … [Read more...]

Endangered Falcons Hunt Mount Morris Dam

MOUNT MORRIS – A casual birder poked along the trail by the dam on a blustery Friday, camera at the ready. A flying bird caught his eye, too small to be a hawk but slicing the wind faster than any pigeon. Charles Negley snapped a few photos as the bird perched on a high limb. Later, when he asked some friends what he had seen, the unanimous and surprised answer was 'peregrine falcon,' an endangered species in New York State. "There were … [Read more...]

EMAIL TO THE SUN: ‘Avon Deer Shooting is Morally Despicable’

The following is an email submitted by Ashley Pankratz to the for publication. The attitudes and ideas expressed below should not be interpreted as the opinion of the When the Village of Avon surveyed its 3,394 residents to assess public opinion on the presence of deer within village limits, only 351 responded—a strong indication that most are not bothered by the deer with whom they share their community. … [Read more...]

Roscommon Hounds Season Opens with the New Year

To beagle – it’s a verb that refers to the sport of using a pack of beagles to enjoy a tramp about in the outdoors during the winter months observing the diminutive hounds as they attempt to sort out the vagaries of scent in pursuit of the wily wabbit. Rest assured that the bunnies have not only a distinct advantage, they are so adept at eluding any minimal threat to their well-being that one can only wonder why we two-footed 'hunters' even … [Read more...]