Livonia to Bid Farewell to Chris Copeland March 3

LIVONIA – The following is adapted from an obituary by Kevin W. Dougherty Funeral Homes. If local communities have learned anything over the past month, it is that Chris Copeland had many dear friends. He is survived by daughters Madison Lynn Copeland and Arianna Lee Copeland, his mother Patricia (Randy Remming) Copeland of Conesus, his father Gregory Copeland of Buffalo, and his brother Cameron Copeland of Livonia. He is also survived … [Read more...]

Car Hits Pedestrian and Walker in Geneseo

GENESEO – A vehicle struck a pedestrian who was using a walker to cross Rte. 20A (Lakeville Road) near Volunteer Road Friday afternoon. According to first responders on scene, the car was westbound on Lakeville Road west of Volunteer Road when it struck the pedestrian, described as an adult male, at about 2:10 p.m. A Geneseo ambulance checked the man and found no serious injuries. The ambulance transported him to a hospital as a … [Read more...]

Van with Kids Hits Car Near Geneseo’s Court Street and Rte. 63

GENESEO – A van rear-ended a car on Rte. 63 in the area of Court Street at about noon on Friday. According to first responders on scene, both vehicles were northbound on 63 when the car tried to make a left hand turn into the parking lot of Geneseo United Methodist Church. The front driver's side of the van glanced off the rear passenger's side of the car, spinning both out of the roadway at about 12:20 p.m. Neither the two occupants of the … [Read more...]

Quarry Cuts New Bear Fountain Basin

GENESEO – The basin for the new bear fountain is now cut from the granite quarry and ready to be shaped. According to the Association for the Preservation of Geneseo (APOG)'s Facebook page, the slab of granite that will eventually be the replacement for the fountain is already cut. "Rock of Ages will cut (square to multi sided- possibly octagon) the block to the very rough form needed, reducing the granite block from the estimated 68,000 lb … [Read more...]

Searchers Deliver Chris Copeland Home from Conesus Lake

LIVONIA – Searchers recovered the body of Christopher Copeland Wednesday afternoon. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty confirmed that Copeland was found. "It's significant for the families to have closure," said Dougherty on the shore of Conesus Lake. "You don't think of the thoughts that go through a family's mind of 'well how do we file for their estate or how do we have a funeral or do we have a funeral and are they really in the … [Read more...]

Searchers Find Lost Men’s Snowmobile in Conesus Lake

LIVONIA – Search teams located the snowmobile that disappeared with two men on Conesus Lake. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty updated the public via Twitter that the snowmobile is located. Searchers found the body of Jay Fluet earlier on Wednesday and continue to look for Chris Copeland. "The snowmobile has been located but we have not located Chris yet," tweeted Dougherty. At about 3 a.m. on Feb 11, the two are believed to … [Read more...]

Searchers Find Jay Fluet in Conesus Lake

LIVONIA – Searchers recovered the body of Jason Fluet in Conesus Lake on Wednesday. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty tweeted that the search continues for Christopher Copeland. "We have recovered and returned Jason to his family. We continue to search for Christopher. Please keep both families in your prayers," tweeted Dougherty. At about 3 a.m. on Feb 11, the two are believed to have left the northwestern shore of Conesus Lake on a snowmobile … [Read more...]

Searchers Back on Conesus Lake after 6-Day Hiatus

LIVONIA – Seachers are back on Conesus Lake after a six-day hiatus due to excessive ice. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty updated the public on Twitter that the search is back on for Chris Copeland and Jay Fluet. "Several boats on the lake with 3 side scans actively searching," tweeted Dougherty. Both men were reported missing at 3 a.m. on Feb. 12. The Sheriff’s Office’s underwater sonar robot, local fire department boats, and … [Read more...]

Geneseo’s Triple H Farm Wins Farm of the Year

GENESEO – A family farm just down the hill from Main Street are the gracious recipients of the Livingston County Farm of the Year Award. Four people run the farm: Roger Hamilton and his brother Randy own the 11,000 acres. They, Roger's daughter Leslie Hamilton and one farmhand work the land every year. "It is a total shock," said Roger Hamilton. "We like to keep a low profile and this has gone way out of hand. It's a very, very nice … [Read more...]

Collins ‘Has No Plans to Hold Town Hall’ as Geneseo Protests Go into Fourth Week

GENESEO – A spokesman for Congressman Chris Collins says that despite weekly demonstrations, the Congressman has no plans to hold any town hall-style meeting. About 45 protesters re-iterated at their fourth weekly demonstration that they want Collins to hold a town hall to personally hear their political concerns, especially concerning the Trump administration. A total of 19 signatures were dated 02/21 on the sign-in sheet at the front of … [Read more...]