Lima Ambulance Salutes Captains Caccamise and Lindsay as They Pass the Torch

LIMA – It was all green at the Lima Ambulance building Mar. 19, but not for Saint Patrick’s Day. On Sunday, ambulance volunteers, family members and public officials gathered to thank former Rescue Captain Norm Caccamise, and Co-Captain, Donna Lindsay, for their years of service. The celebration was hosted by Lima’s new Rescue Captain, Scott Domuracki, who will work in partnership with new Co-Captain, Michael Finucane. “I think what it … [Read more...]

Petition to Open Aldi at Lima’s Old Save-A-Lot Continues

LIMA – The petition to open an Aldi store in Lima is still short of the 1,000 supporters necessary. The petition, available here, is seeking the support of those interested in having an Aldi open in the old Save-A-Lot property located on 5&20. As of Mar. 16, the Aldi petition has garnered 769 supporters, still 231 shy of the 1,000 needed. After voting, participants are also offered the opportunity to write a comment explaining why they … [Read more...]

Lima to Clear Up Problems with Cleary Road Bridge

LIMA – The Lima Town Board is working on plans to fix the Cleary Road bridge. Keith Arner, Lima Highway Superintendent, explained the need for a new structure at Lima's town board meeting. “To look at the bridge you don’t realize that it’s on a skew, but when they went out and did their field measurements it is actually on a slight skew,” said Arner. Bridge plans have been ongoing, and although the bridge does not meet length standards … [Read more...]

Lima Antiques Says Farewell After 30 Cherished Years

LIMA – For those who have seen the discount signs hanging in the windows of the long-standing and much-loved Lima Antiques, the rumors are true. The shop is closing its doors. Although at this time owner Tecla Benson is working on selling as many of her antiques as possible, she said that she plans to be closed down by the end of June. The shop continues to be a fixture, but for Benson, it is just time. “I’ve had a shop in town for 45 … [Read more...]

Lima’s New Fire Truck Takes Safety to New Heights

LIMA – A new fire truck purchased by the Lima Fire Department will help keep the town and village of Lima and its volunteer firefighters safer than ever. According to Lima Fire Chief Jim Pribanich, the new truck, a 1996 Spartan quint aerial, is a good fit due to its tall ladder and multiple safety features. "We’ve been looking for aerial trucks for, I’d say, a good six months, and Lima is a small community so it’s tough to find a deal that … [Read more...]

Lima Rescue Capitan Passes the Torch after 40 Years of Service

LIMA – Norm Caccamise stepped down as ambulance Rescue Captain after 35 years serving in that position. In a note submitted to the Town Board, Caccamise said that he hopes to provide someone else the opportunity to bring new ideas to drive the ambulance forward. “He’s going to be a big loss,” said Town Supervisor Pete Yendell, who is a Lima firefighter. “He’s held that core together for 35 years and he was a driver medic 5 years before … [Read more...]

Lima Plans Safer Path to Dollar General

LIMA – The Lima Town Board is taking the first steps toward a new pathway extending from Lima Baptist Church to Dollar General. According to Town Supervisor Pete Yendell, the Town has around $40,000 set aside for the construction of the walkway, which will likely start out as a gravel path. “I see so many people crossing for the Dollar General from every time I come into the village practically, and every time I see it I’m just so nervous,” … [Read more...]

Lima Seeks Buyer for Vacant Save-A-Lot

LIMA – The Town of Lima is seeking a new owner for a building that has been a central feature of the town for over 40 years. According to Lima Village Mayor Carl Luft said that he and Lima Town Supervisor Peter Yendell have been actively searching in their search for a buyer of the old Save-A-Lot building, particularly for grocery stores or grocery store chains to take over the facility. “No one has personally approached me buyer-wise,” … [Read more...]

Lima Considers Changing Large Solar Panel Moratorium

LIMA – The Town of Lima is considering changing their moratorium on the construction of large solar panel operations. Deputy Supervisor Cathy Gardner plans to present information learned at a recent New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERTA) training in Mount Morris to the Town Zoning, Planning and Agriculture Boards for feedback on a change to the moratorium on large solar operations passed last year. "They are … [Read more...]